Sep 062023

60 mins gift card with steam eye mask




60mins massage gift card with steam eye mask.

This gift card can be used for any of our treatments. It is valid for one year from the date of issue. It’s packaged inside authentic origami envelope.

This set includes 5 single-use eye masks in a variety of scents: unscented, yuzu, rose, lavender and sage, and peppermint.

These eye masks are convenient to use for daily use or when you are traveling. They warm up to about 40°C once you open the pouch, and the comfortable temperature lasts for approximately 20 minutes. The steam envelopes your eyes and eye area gently, helping to release tension and soothe the mind.

How to use
1. Remove eye mask from pouch. (Use immediately after opening.)
2. Tear along perforation, and set ear straps in place. (Place white-coloured side of mask on eyes. Close your eyes during use.)

・Do not use with other eye masks etc.
・Do not use immediately after administering eye drops.
・Do not use if you have on eye oilment, inflammation, wound, swelling, rash or any other skin problem around your eyes.
・Stop using the eye mask immediately when you feel it is too hot, or you feel discomfort.
・May cause smudging or removal of makeup.
・Do not use a damaged eye mask.
・Do not use the mask after it has cooled down.
・Do not use microwave to heat up eye mask.